Thursday, September 30, 2010

500 words on Bruegels

Charles S.
Senior cp prd:1
In this picture “Landscape with the fall of Icarus” by Bruegel, I see a lot of things and also a lot of details.I see a man who’s holding a stick, it seems like he’s trying to make the horse walk.He’s wearing a clothe with red sleeves and something on his head, it seems like a hat.He’s walking down the hill behind the horse, it looks like the horse is pulling a carrier. There are a bunch of trees in front of the man it looks like a forest.There are some little plants on the top of the hill .And, the man is holding something with the other hand.Right next to the man I see an other man with a stick on his hand and something on his back , it seems like something that the ancient people use to make sound.And,he’s surrounded with certain animals, they look like sheep.There’s a dog right next to him.This man is probably a farmer.In addition ,he has his head up and look at the sky, maybe something in the sky got his attention.He’s wearing a black boot and he kind of cross his arm and pay attention to what’s going on in the sky.At the bottom of the picture I see a man with a black hat and he’s trying to get something out of the ocean with his hand .And next to this guy there’s a big boat ,it looks like a sailing boat.And in front of him there is a man in the water it looks like he is drowning or maybe he is swimming .The guy is probably trying to rescue him .The big boat is heading across the ocean.There are some others little boats on the ocean .I see a lot of boxes in the big boat.Among the boats,some of them are small and some are big.There is a little house on the ocean it looks like a prison the way it is built.there are a bunch of trees behind it.There’s hole in front of it, it looks like the door and the house looks like it is not covered.I don’t see no roof .Behind the house there is a big white mountain it kind of looks like it reaches the sky.A little far across the ocean form the guy and horse there are a bunch of house kind of orange and they kind of close to each other,and there are some boats that are floating in front of those house.It kind of look like a port where the boats trade each other.Between the white mountain and the port there’s a little green space it seems like grasses.I see a glacier on the ocean,it seems like it is winter .I think it is a winter because of the glacier and the way people in the picture are dressing.I see the sun is shining .I can see half of the city from the picture .I see a lot of buildings, and a lot of mountains,and a lot of trees too.Those are the things that I can say about this picture.

Example of Ovid

"I warn you,Icarus, fly a middle course:don't go too low, or water will weigh the wings down;don't go too high ,or the sun 's fire will burn them.keep to the middle way.And one more thing No fancy steering by star or constellation Follow my lead!"     
This quotes show that Deadalus knows how dangerous is what he's doing.And it shows that despite he knows he's not supposed to that he doesn't want his son Icarus to die.Before he let him go in the air he explains everything to him.He gave Icarus a warning.


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