Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charles Saint Jean  
Gallagher Ryan  

12 Cp Senior  
November 18,2010  
                                                               The Stranger      
In the passage when Salamano goes to his room and cries after he loses his dog.Albert Camus suggests that in life some people care about animal as much as human,because once the dog is missing he got worried.He also suggests that people can easily change in life.The author shows that by describing the feelings of Salamano and his reaction to the situation.  
When the passage begins,Raymond tries to make him feel better y telling him that the dog is coming back .The second sentence,it represents a proof to Salamano that his dog might come back.A little further in this section,Salamano starts to predict what could happen to the dog.For example, he said "but they'll take him away from me,don't you see?" He's starting to ask himself some questions.  
In the next section,Raymond tries to give him some advices about where he could go to look for the dog. Instead of listening he got mad.That shows how Salamano is a kind of person that doesn't like to take advices from people and he always want to do stuff on his own.    
Finally,in the first sentence of the last section,Raymond keep kind of giving him the same idea,that makes the passage repetitive.It makes the text slowly.And the last sentence of the passage Salamano goes to his room and cries.That action symbolizes death and separation.It's like to him the dog is dead.He's deseperated.    
 The idea of this passage is important because it shows that the relationship between animal and human is really important and valuable.

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