Friday, December 17, 2010

Annotated Bibliography on Camus The Stranger

The Stranger Annotated Bibliography Final

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  1. Sources: Almost meets required number of sources. Sources are varied and academically appropriate. (missing 1)

    Formatting: Conveys required information, but with a substantial number of formatting errors.

    * Does not follow MLA formatting.
    * Hyperlink the url for neater presentation.
    * Watch typos / errors on non-database sources.
    * Entries need to be in alphabetical order.

    Annotations: Partially completes 2 of the following 3: 1) summarizes source, 2) explains relationship to project, 3) is free of mechanical/grammar errors.

    * Far too many grammatical errors.
    * Otherwise some nice thoughts here--you would have scored much higher if all the formatting and editing were done.