Thursday, October 21, 2010

Final College Essay

Charles Saint Jean 
Ryan Gallagher   
12 Cp Period 1   
21 Oct 2010   
Living in a community where I was surrounded by people with mutual beliefs.I felt like I fitted in this society.That’s all people watch most of the time, that’s all they talk about.I felt it is a great thing when people talk about sports or get involved in sports, particularly soccer.   
Throughout my life I have always been a tense individual, even for the little things that life presents.It is hard to explain the anxiety that I have before a game.For some reason I would limit myself within a game.Not because of lack of skills but because of the fear of failure.In my opinion, losing give my opponents  an advantage to talk in a atrocious way about me.I am very self-conscious, therefore I hate when people talking bad about me.That’s the reason why I always try to do things  the way they suppose to be done.In fact,the reason of my losing mentality is my nervosity.However,it is a way of success and motivation for a game.    
I‘ve been playing soccer for the school that I’ve been attending since two years ago.Moreover, based on my attitude, my motivation and my performance.The staff coaches decided to put me as the captain of the team.Therefore, I had a lot of responsibility.Not only the responsibility of myself, but the responsibility of a group of people.So I had to set a meeting with all the players to talk about the future of the team.We had a big game with the biggest team in the competition.  
As I woke up from my dream, I came to realize the importance of this game.All of a sudden,I felt an apprehensive sensation.My stomach was turning,my hand was shaking,and I was sweating.Too much thoughts of failure in my mind.This was the day that I have been waiting for.It was like an anxious eternity for one day to arrive.For us,it wasn’t only a game it was a war.We was dedicated the whole week to this game.They were a good team and even better than us.Therefore,in order to get some respect winning was our only option.We practiced hard for the whole week,we did some solid drills so we could get ready for them.  
The night before the game, I remember I couldn’t even sleep because I was thinking about the game too much.My mom had to give pills so I could sleep.The next day of that night,I couldn’t even concentrate in class.My mind  wrapped itself around the game.When school ended,I was just chilling with some of my friends in front of the school.So I could relax myself a little bit before the game.Then,I headed towards the field which wasn’t far from the school all by myself.Once I arrived,I didn’t say a word  to no one,I went straight to my locker and get changed. Actually, it was fifteen before the game started when I heard the coach said”there’s win out there if you want it, go get it.”That’s all the coach said.As a team,we approached to the stadium,flooded by the voice of the crowd.Teachers,students,parents ,everyone was there to watch the game because there was a big rivalry between the other team and us.A lot of people were there to support us.
Disregarding the bad weather condition, I grabbed my teammates and as a captain I said “don’t forget what we talked each other, talk to each other.”And I was ready to play.Just before the referee blow the whistle; my rushing heart slowed its pace.All of a sudden, all my anxiety and fear gone.Then I notice all of my fright went to my oponents’face.I took a look at the crowd and I say to myself”I got this.”I was really aggressive on the field; all of the players were playing with pride.we won the game by one to zero.  
However, my victory really was something that I couldn’t explain.I think being nervous bring out the best in me or it is a kind of motivation for me.I remained focus throughout my game to give the best of my abilities.I learned a lot form the game.It helped me realize that what you expected isn’t always what you get.It gives the confidence that i don't have  to be scared of others and  no one is better than me.

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