Thursday, October 21, 2010

Final draft Plum Plum Pickers Essay

Charles Saint Jean  
Ryan Gallagher  
12 CP Period 1  
21 Oct 2010   

                                                         "Plum Plum Pickers"  
In "Plum Plum Pickers"Raymond Barrio suggests that there's no right moment for being a hero,He also suggests the struggle of some people to make money.The life of most of  immigrant is kind of the same.They treat all the  immigrants in an atrocious way.They make them work hard,and even try to abuse them.  
The author establishes his point by using some words, short sentences,metaphors.For example, this quote " no matter which way he turned,he was trapped in an endless maze of apricot trees,as though forever,neat rows of them,neatly planted,row after row,just like the blackest bars on the jails of hell."(p91) In this quote, the author is trying to make us understand how the protagonist feels trapped,he uses a lot of comma to make it a little bit slower and repetitive.    
A little bit in the middle of the first paragraph there's an allusion."Drank the holy water in great brute gulps." In this quote water is allusion to Baptism because this water is kind of something blessing and the author uses it right now to show it's like a relieve for the slaves every time they have the chance to drink water.    
Moreover,the author describes the antagonist."His feet straddled.Mexican style.A real robber.A Mexican general.A gentlemanly,friendly,polite,grinning,vicious,thieving brute."(p92) Based on this description the author tries to make us visualize what kind of person Roberto Morales really is.The author starts from nice to mean so he can make the readers understand  that Roberto is not  a decent person ,he just pretends to be.It's like the author want us to understand that based on the job that Roberto's doing,he can't be decent to the labors.He's supposed to be though.    
 "I must take two cents from every buckets.I am sorry.There was a miscalculation.Everybody understands.Everybody?He slides his eyes around ,smiling, palms up."In this quote,the author's trying to make us realize how they treat people,especially immigrant.Despite they work really hard to make money,some other people try to abuse them.It's like the immigrants are the more victim of the society.It's like other people take the advantage to make some decision that's going to affect the immigrants severely.  
Finally, the part that I consider as the climax of the story."You promised to take nothing!"Manuel heard himself saying.(p93)The author tries to make the readers realize there's not really a right moment to be a hero.Among of those labors Manuel was the only who had the courage to express his feeling about the new rule.Basically,he was the hero of the story.  
The idea of this passage is important because it help the readers think about the struggling of other     
people.It also helps us visualize the hard life of the immigrants.It's like every time something terrible is going to happen,there's always someone there to play the role of a hero.

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